Why don't I see all my printers in Direct Print?

Printers on Windows are user-specific. This means that two users on the same computer may not see the same list of available printers. You can have a situation where the direct print service in your machine cannot see the same printers as you can when you are logged in with a different user than the service user.

Direct Print runs as a service. Each service has a setting that determines the user context of the service when it is running. You can change the user on a service through the standard Windows service manager. 

You can try to set the user context of the print service to a normal user. Then, you can log in to the computer as this user and configure the printers. After restarting the print service, you should see the same printers as this user in your Business Central.
Creation date: 2/14/2024 9:15 AM      Updated: 2/14/2024 9:15 AM